Custody Services

We provide custody services to investment advisors, their clients, retirement plans, family offices, consultants, and foundations. We do not offer investment management services or sell investment products, and do not provide participant record-keeping services.

Instead, we focus on supporting investment professionals with completely automated securities processing, full accounting and sub-accounting of all transactions, automated trading, internet access and reporting, fund of funds accounting, and access to “no transaction fee” mutual fund trading.

Our clients receive quality custody services from an experienced and local firm known for their commitment to accuracy, attention to detail, responsiveness to questions and concerns, and a personal touch.

Many features of our custody services include:
• Investment advisors trade through a broker of choice
• Safe, secure processing and settlement of securities
• Daily pricing of publicly traded securities
• Online access for clients and advisors
• Quarterly statements and distributions
• Annual income tax reporting
• Matrix Mutual Fund Platform
• Daily cash sweep into Federated Money Market Funds 
• Clients sign customized Fiduciary Partners Trust Company Custody Agreements