Estate Settlement

Fiduciary Partners offers estate and trust settlement services to help individuals, families, and their professional advisers. We can serve as personal representative of the estate, or as trustee/co-trustee of a trust that requires settlement, and we can also serve as administrative agent for others serving in these roles. In any of these cases, we offer a full menu of services, including:

•  Working with the beneficiaries, attorneys, and other professional advisers of the estate/trust to ensure an orderly transition of decedent’s assets according to decedent’s estate plan.

• Securing, gathering, inventorying personal effects/personal property and distributing or selling the property.

• Securing and administering real estate, including hiring property managers, reviewing/obtaining insurance coverage, coordinating repairs/improvements and distributing or selling the property.

• Collecting, inventorying and managing, distributing or selling all types of financial assets (including bank accounts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.).

• Working with the attorney for the estate/trust and other financial, tax and legal advisers on the above-matters, to ensure decedent’s taxes, debts, and other obligations are properly calculated and paid.

Contact Bob Ellis or Ann Stark for more information about our estate and trust settlement services.