Personal Trust


Our trust officers understand the importance of a quick response and resolution to questions, requests for meetings, collection of investment proceeds, and reinvestment of income, year-end tax information, and decisions on distributions.

We are an independent trustee so we can operate with maximum objectivity and flexibility. We partner with a number of investment management firms employing various investment styles, and we welcome new relationships.

Personal Relationships
Our officers – owners of the company – are committed to providing quality service and building strong relationships with individuals, their families, and advisors.

Assets are safe with Fiduciary Partners. We are fully bonded, audited regularly by an outside CPA firm, and examined regularly by the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions.

Clients receive customized reports on a regular basis, as well as consolidated year-end tax reports. You can access trust account information online and even receive statements via email.

Cost Stability

Our standard trustee fee, which includes our custody services, is typically computed as a percentage of the market value of the trust. We do not charge a base fee, and do not charge for many of the services other corporate trustees call “extras.”