Our Process

1. Choice

When a client names Fiduciary Partners Trust Company  in their Trust document or Will, we encourage them to also direct us to use their choice of investment manager…right in that document. If they decide not to do it that way, we’ll ask the trust’s beneficiaries for their choice of investment manager later…at the time our role as Trustee actually begins.


2. Account Opening

At the time of account opening, we then approve the use of the investment manager after a review of their experience, philosophy, approach, communication skills, and other relevant factors.


3. Assets

Actual custody of the trust’s assets can be held with us OR the investment manager’s preferred custodian. We hold unique assets, such as units of a closely held business, title to real estate, or a life insurance policy, and administer them as agreed upon with the client.


4. Collaboration

A written investment objective and policy statement is established by the investment manager for the trust account, in collaboration with us and the client.


5. Communication

 We then foster ongoing communication among the client, investment manager, and the client’s other trusted advisors, so those relationships are preserved…all in the client’s best interests.