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Member Type: Our Officers

Snyder, Kris

Kris Snyder

Background & Role Kris is responsible for estate and trust settlement and works closely with family members and beneficiaries to provide compassionate and timely service. She has over 28 years of experience in trust administration and estate settlement services. By partnering with legal advisors, investment professionals, accountants, and other interested parties, Kris assists in guiding families through difficult times…

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Kohlman, Jaci

Jacqueline Kohlman

Background & Role Jaci administrates multiple personal trust relationships in our Appleton location. She welcomes and establishes relationships with many of our new clients who appreciate her thoughtful and compassionate approach. With over 13 years of experience in the financial services industry, Jaci has a broad background well suited to trust administration. Jaci’s focus on…

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Terry Bruhn

Background & Role Terry leads the internal processes for the firm’s management of risk and compliance relating to legal, administrative, regulatory, and information security matters. He works closely with senior management on our continued adherence to the highest standards of safety and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Terry’s legal background and experience as a…

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Sessa, Mike

Michael Sessa

Background & Role Mike manages our Brookfield location as well as the Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois markets. In addition, he is responsible for the administration of several personal trust relationships and is a member of our senior management team. Mike has over 20 years of experience which include; trust administration and management, financial services, estate planning…

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Breitbach, Jan

Jan Breitbach

Background & Role Jan is responsible for overseeing various business-related functions for Fiduciary Partners in both our Appleton and Brookfield locations. She is a member of our senior management team and works closely with the CFO in administering daily business operations within our offices, which includes finance, facilities, and human resources. She also provides leadership…

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Bob Ellis

J. Robert Ellis

Background & Role Bob is responsible for the overall development and delivery of personal trust services and manages our personal trust administration team. He has over 25 years of experience in the administration of complex trusts and estates for individuals, and related offerings for institutional clients. Bob calls on a background that includes bank trust…

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Brennan Haworth

Background & Role Brennan is primarily responsible for administration of personal trust accounts and trust and estate settlement. Brennan brings a wealth of experience as a practicing attorney along with practical experience in government regulatory compliance. His areas of expertise include probate, real estate, and business law. Brennan’s experience gives Fiduciary Partners depth in handling…

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Mislinski, Melissa

Melissa Mislinski

Background & Role Melissa is an administrator in our personal trust department, specializing in administering our irrevocable life insurance trusts. She also provides leadership for our Funeral Trust Team and for a number of special projects within the organization. Melissa has over 12 years trust experience. Prior to joining Fiduciary Partners, she worked for 7 years…

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Amber Baumgartner

Amber Baumgartner

Background & Role Amber is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations processing and support for Fiduciary Partners’ individual and corporate clients. Her management of workflow processes ensures timely and accurate data to our clients, investment managers, and our administrative staff. Having over 14 years of trust and financial experience, Amber leads the operations team by example…

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Valentine, Ryan

Ryan Valentine

Background & Role As President, Ryan is responsible for the overall management and direction of the company. Having been born and raised in Northeast Wisconsin, he leads the organization with Midwestern values. His broad background includes 20 years of trust experience, business and trust administration leadership, trust operations, and service on multiple nonprofit boards. Ryan is well-known…

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