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An Independent Trust Company that Works Alongside You

When you work with Fiduciary Partners, the first thing you’ll notice is we’re not like most other trust companies. That’s because we don’t manage client investments. We focus on what we know best—personal trust administration and trust and estate settlement services. As an independent trust company, we partner with investment managers to care for our shared clients’ future and legacy.

It’s simple. We don’t manage money. 

We leave financial management to the experts. We partner with investment managers to provide superior service and peace of mind.


When to consider independent fiduciary services

You’ve likely established a long-term, trusted relationship with your clients. After all, they rely on you to manage one of the most important aspects of their life—their financial well-being.

Trust in Partnerships

When you need an independent trustee, we believe the relationships you’ve built with your clients and their families should continue.

That’s why we partner with financial advisors to share clients who need investment services and an independent trustee. Segregating these roles eliminates the inherent conflict of interest found with other trust companies.

“We know that when Fiduciary Partners is involved, all of the details will be taken care of correctly and professionally.”

– Investment Manager

Why a trust services partner?

Here are just some of the situations in which you may want to partner with us:

  • If you have a client or a prospect who has asked you to manage trust assets that are currently managed by a family member or a traditional bank trust company;
  • If you have a client who plans to replace your services with a traditional bank trust company that will take over upon their death or if they become incapacitated;
  • If you have clients who serve as trustees, powers of attorney or in other fiduciary roles who need help handling the administrative details;
  • If you have clients who are having difficulty managing their daily finances, whether due to age, incapacity or inexperience, and have no place to turn.

Here’s how we can help.

We’re proud of our ability to fill a variety of different roles. We can serve as:

  • Current trustee
  • Future, successor trustee
  • Personal representative or executor
  • Co-trustee, agent under a power of attorney, or agent for a personal representative
  • Administrative agent to perform bill-paying services
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Peace of Mind

Serving professional advisors and clients for over 20 years.

We also bring to the table peace of mind for you and your clients by providing our services with integrity. We’re here to take the burden of worry and uncertainty off their shoulders, and yours.

Read more about our story to see how we can make a difference for you and your clients. Then give us a call at 866.380.9969.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to name Fiduciary Partners in a will or trust agreement?

To name Fiduciary Partners to serve in a future capacity, the applicable legal document(s) should refer to our legal name, Fiduciary Partners Trust Company. We do not require any other specific language in the document. Some clients prefer to name a particular investment advisor/manager for the trust in their will or trust agreement. If this is not specifically directed in the document, we will confirm the choice of investment advisor/manager with the applicable beneficiaries at the time we begin serving.

Some clients/attorneys ask us to review a draft of the will/trust before signing or ask for our input on particular document language. We are happy to review drafts of wills/trusts that name Fiduciary Partners, at no cost or obligation. We appreciate, but do not require, receiving copies of documents naming Fiduciary Partners after signing.

To name Fiduciary Partners in a current capacity, please see: How do I open an account with Fiduciary Partners?

How do I open an account with Fiduciary Partners?

Clients and/or their advisors may open accounts with Fiduciary Partners in 3 ways:

Transfer an Existing Trust Account – First, send us a current account statement and copy of the legal documentation (will or trust) governing the trust. Second, we review the legal documentation and statement of assets, notify you if we will accept the trust and, if so, notify you of the transfer documents or processes required to transfer the trust. Third, once the applicable transfer documents or processes have been signed or completed, we will confirm the choice of investment advisor/manager with the trust beneficiaries and contact the current trustee/custodian to arrange for transfer of trust assets to Fiduciary Partners or to the client’s preferred custodian.

Establish a New Trust Account – First, send us a draft of the trust agreement for review and acceptance prior to signing. Second, once the trust has been signed, we will confirm the choice of investment advisor/manager for the trust with the client or trust beneficiaries, if not specified in the trust agreement. Third, we will open the appropriate trust account(s) at Fiduciary Partners or the client’s preferred custodian, working with the designated investment advisor/manager.

Other Account Types – The process for opening other types of accounts (e.g. irrevocable life insurance trust, estate or trust settlement, etc.) varies depending on the account type and current location of the assets that will fund the account. Please contact a Fiduciary Partners trust officer for more details.

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