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We’ll be your local, trusted partner

You want to find a partner you and your client can rely on. As a fiduciary services company owned mostly by its employees, we offer complete independence from banks or brokers. We are here to focus solely on providing personal trust administration services with integrity and utmost care for your client and their legacy. That gives you—and them—peace of mind.

Loyal & Impartial

We build relationships

We focus on getting to know you, your client, their family and their values. We remain faithful to the trust agreement and have the expertise to manage the most extraordinary situations. We remain loyal and impartial to trust beneficiaries.

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Focused on Partnerships

We work alongside you

We prefer to partner with you to provide our shared client with the highest quality services for their current needs and as they plan for their future. We concentrate on what we do best—delivering an optimal package of trust administration services personalized for each client. That way, you can focus on what you do best without the worry of conflicting interests.


We have a proven track record

We have been a privately-owned independent trust company since 2001 and are committed to providing quality services for the long term. We are regulated by the State of Wisconsin, fully insured and bonded, regularly audited by an independent accounting firm and examined by state banking regulators.

We like to say yes

No matter the reason for needing fiduciary services, or the size of the estate, we look to say yes to helping you and your clients. By partnering with our team of experienced trust officers, you can feel confident in our ability to handle your clients’ needs and build relationships with their beneficiaries.

Contact us today

Our door is always open to getting to know you and your client. Contact us or give us a call at 866.380.9969 to start a conversation about how we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a corporate trustee?

There are many benefits of naming a corporate trustee including objectivity, experience and service. Corporate trustees can help preserve family relationships and holidays by impartially following trust instructions. Fiduciary Partners provides professional service with integrity, has significant administrative experience and technical competence including familiarity with tax and legal responsibilities.

What is required to name Fiduciary Partners in a will or trust agreement?

To name Fiduciary Partners to serve in a future capacity, the applicable legal document(s) should refer to our legal name, Fiduciary Partners Trust Company. We do not require any other specific language in the document. Some clients prefer to name a particular investment advisor/manager for the trust in their will or trust agreement. If this is not specifically directed in the document, we will confirm the choice of investment advisor/manager with the applicable beneficiaries at the time we begin serving.

Some clients/attorneys ask us to review a draft of the will/trust before signing or ask for our input on particular document language. We are happy to review drafts of wills/trusts that name Fiduciary Partners, at no cost or obligation. We appreciate, but do not require, receiving copies of documents naming Fiduciary Partners after signing.

To name Fiduciary Partners in a current capacity, please see: How do I open an account with Fiduciary Partners?

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