A History of Innovation
Fiduciary Partners was launched in 2001 as an independent trust company with a new model for delivering trust services. Built on a foundation of confidence derived from decades of combined trust and financial service experience, our vision is to provide personal, individualized services through a pioneering collaborative approach.

A Model for Service and Success
We specialize in what we do best: providing superior trust administration and master custody services at a level designed for the most discerning clients and partners. We do not compete with money managers; we recognize that clients have valued relationships with investment professionals who serve them well. Instead, we integrate our services with these advisors to provide the best union of trust and related services. Our independence allows us to focus on our clients’ best interests with unparalleled flexibility and objectivity.

Experience Leads to Confidence
Our professional and experienced team has grown to overĀ 25 members, with more than 300 years of combined relevant trust, legal, tax, financial and related service experience. Fiduciary Partners has become one of the largest and fastest growing independent trust companies in Wisconsin.

Our state-of-the-art operations platform for custody of assets, trust accounting and reporting, and cash management is built on alliances with some of the most trusted and innovative names in the financial services industry.