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Case Studies

“I Need Help to Help My Mother”

The Problem: Cheryl Jones needs to simplify her life. Cheryl and Bob’s oldest child is now in college and the other two are in high school. Cheryl and Bob are grateful to have good jobs given the current economy – however, the last few years have been very demanding at work. Cheryl’s father is deceased…

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“They’ll Help Me Settle Dad’s Estate”

The Problem: Jill was perplexed.  She had just gotten off the phone with Robert, her father’s attorney.  Her father had passed away a week before and Jill had just returned home from the funeral 200 miles away, not for a lack of things to do at her father’s home, but because her own business was…

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“We’re Not Happy with our Current Trustee”

The Problem: Doug and Nancy Perkins recently went to see Greg Jones, their financial advisor, for their annual financial review.  Doug and Nancy have worked with Greg for three years and have been very pleased with his advice and investment approach.  Doug and Nancy look forward to these annual meetings as an opportunity to discuss…

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